Because it is Tatekawa, what you can do.

Manufacture of KIMONO bags and sandals.


Established in Suminoe, Osaka City in 1960,

We are receiving orders from companies for custom-made KIMONO sandals and bags with original equipment manufacturer order production.

While keeping the tradition, we think that we have a point of view to create a new shape with commitment to Japanese sandals and bag and to inherit Japanese tradition leading to the future.

We aim to create ideas, creations and disseminate as "corporate slogan Is One company "tatekawa"what we can do because it is. 



Together with the staffs of the rich age group,

we will combine the new creative sensibility and the reliable technology that has been inherited from the skilled workers and integrate with the old days, rooting in the area called "Osaka" and creating it.

What we can do because we are 100% production within our company.


Maintenance(repair)of kimono zouri and bags is also accepted.

100% Because it is production at our company, special craftsmen are stationed.

With genuine technology, we will repair with your  so that you can use your important kimono zouri and bag for a long time.


Depending on the type of repair, there may be cases where you will keep it for several days from what can be handled immediately.


Click here for maintenance and repair of kimono zouri and bags.